Swanson Group Mfg. LLC, is the operations arm of Swanson Group, Inc. The manufacturing division oversees two sawmills: one mill that produces Green Doug Fir Dimension lumber, two that produce structural plywood panels and specialty plywood products and one mill that produces green and dry studs. Combined these four mills account for just under a billion feet a year of finished products at full capacity.

Committed to operational excellence the company utilizes a comprehensive method of benchmarking to maximize performance at every step of the production process. This approach combined with the latest optimizing equipment has allowed Swanson Group to be a a low cost, efficient manufacturer.

Swanson Group Mfg LLC is a proud and active member of the Western Wood Products Association (WWPA) and the APA – the Engineered Wood Association (APA).  These associations write and enforce the grade rules for lumber and panels respectfully as well as perform routine testing to make sure wood products are up to code.  The WWPA stamp on our lumber and studs and the APA stamp on our structural panels is your assurance that Swanson Group products are made in accordance with all current and applicable grade rules.

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