Home Birthing Statistics vs Hospital Births

Opinions are divided on this issue. There is people that states that home birthing is healthy and that is one of the best experiences there are to live as it is safe and it creates a strong connection between mother and baby and the atmosphere is more personal. Preparing for this kind of birth requires being well informed about it, the persons you need, the method there are and the thing you need to have.

Recent home birthing statistics recollected from different analyses signals that home birthing may be connected with the increase of infant death rates. The analyses suggest that babies born from home birthing are exposed four times higher to premature death because of the lack of proper equipment and the long time it takes to get to hospital if something does not go as planned, which happened 40% of the times, as premature rupture of membranes, high blood pressure and fetal destress are common even in hospitals.

The analyses try to raise awareness specially in women having their first child, as delivering first born babies at hospitals reduces premature death by 75%. It concluded that infant deaths are not because of midwives’ work, but because of the equipment, timing and proper setting necessary to deliver healthy babies.